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Adding Creditors After Filing

Adding Creditors After Filing for Bankruptcy in Indianapolis

Helping Filers Through Complex Procedures

Filing bankruptcy requires compliance with numerous rules and timelines. Because the process can be complex, many people benefit from working with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to ensure they file correctly.

No matter how careful a filer is, however, it is possible to make an error such as forgetting to add a creditor. If you realize that you left a creditor out when you filed bankruptcy, you may be able to add it. Because adding an omitted creditor typically involves reopening the bankruptcy, it is best to have an attorney assist you. Speak with an attorney at Redman Ludwig, P.C., to learn more.

Will Your Debt Be Eligible?

Sometimes, bankruptcy filers accidentally omit a creditor when they file. They may have forgotten about the creditor or been unaware that the debt existed. Within four months of filing bankruptcy, you can add creditors you may have missed initially, as long as the debt existed before you filed. New debts incurred since the filing are not eligible.

In no-asset Chapter 7 cases, many courts interpret the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to mean that in these cases, even unlisted debts are eligible for discharge without the need to reopen the case or add creditors. Some courts, however, may require the case to be reopened and others may deny the addition of a creditor. We can advise you on the rules in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of Indiana.

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