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The legal history of the right to gain a discharge of debts through bankruptcy runs deep in our country. At the same time, there have always been bankruptcy myths — that you must be destitute to file for debt relief, for example, and that filers can keep no personal property, for example. Neither is even remotely correct.

A new set of bankruptcy myths arose with the most recent major revision to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code: the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA). There was a general fear that new restrictions would prevent most people from filing for bankruptcy protection.

Myth Number 1: New Bankruptcy Laws Made Filing Difficult or Impossible

The new bankruptcy law did make it more difficult for some people to file for Chapter 7 "debt liquidation" bankruptcy due to income level restrictions. It did introduce a credit counseling requirement for all filers, but that is an entirely manageable requirement. However, it is most important to recognize that almost anyone eligible to file personal bankruptcy prior to 2005 can still file today.

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