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Are you facing constant debt pressure? Are you coping with the threat or reality of foreclosure on your family home, repossession of your car, or a court judgment against you? Every working day, people with problems like these come to us for legal counsel based on decades of experience. Our skilled, caring Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyers will focus on solutions that will make a real difference for you.

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People resist personal bankruptcy for a wide range of reasons, some of which are based on widespread myths. Filing bankruptcy does not have to leave you destitute, without any assets at all, for example, and it is important to recognize that you will be able to rebuild credit over time after you file. In fact, it is the single most powerful and dependable form of debt relief.

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Whatever your questions about what bankruptcy can accomplish for you, and its risks and obligations, we are here with dependable answers. Our practice covers a full range of debt negotiation and resolution approaches, and we will provide informed guidance on:

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Before you raid retirement accounts, borrow from relatives or take other desperate measures to battle your debt, please contact us. We offer a free, no-obligation telephone consultation with an attorney who will hear you out and ask the right questions to begin exploring real options — and we are prepared to take urgent action if that is what you need.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.