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Much like bankruptcy itself, divorce is a very personal issue and one that's difficult to talk about with someone you don't know. But the reality of creating two households and supporting them on the same budget that used to support only one means that the two often go hand-in-hand.

Commonly, one or both spouses will file for bankruptcy as a result of divorce. We'll work with your divorce lawyers to think things through before the divorce is finalized and develop a plan that will put you both in better financial position after.

At Redman Ludwig, P.C., our lawyers have been helping Central Indiana clients find workable solutions to difficult financial problems for 30 years. But even though our practice is focused on business and personal bankruptcy issues, we are no strangers to the domestic issues that people with financial problems also face.

If you and your spouse are considering or have already decided to file for divorce, you may also want to examine your current financial situation and determine whether or not personal bankruptcy will be an issue for either of you. We can help you with that process. If it looks like there are going to be problems, you may need to file a bankruptcy petition before the divorce is finalized. To prepare for that, we will help you start arranging your finances to take full advantage of any protections available in your situation.

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