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Tax Problems Outside of Bankruptcy

Marion County Tax Problems Attorneys

As you well know, paying less on your taxes in order to make payments on other debt can get you in a troublesome situation fast. The IRS and the Indiana Department of Revenue have the power to take actions against you that other creditors do not have. Tax liens, wage garnishment, bank account levy and even property seizure are among the legal tools they have to penalize you with. If you are facing penalties and interest is accumulating on late taxes, it is time to consult with an experienced tax attorney immediately.

At the Indianapolis law firm of Redman Ludwig, P.C., we advise people throughout central Indiana on the options they have to correct their financial situation. We will help you work toward a new financial life whether that means filing for bankruptcy or pursuing other debt relief alternatives. Depending on your specific situation, a full evaluation of your tax problems and other debt issues can help you discover the path toward peace of mind and financial stability.

What if I Continue on My Current Path?

If you do nothing different from what you are currently doing, the interest and penalties on your tax debt will continue to build. Additionally, tax obligations including taxes less than three years old, business taxes, sales taxes and payroll taxes are not dischargeable debts.

Our attorneys have more than 60 years of experience, collectively, and we can help you protect yourself from the IRS and state collections agencies in a variety of ways. It is critical to contact a bankruptcy attorney before it's too late. Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 could be viable options, among others, in your case whether you are thinking about filing as an individual or a business. Nondischargeable tax debts can be included in your repayment plan.

Tax debts that are dischargeable include:

  • Debt that is at least three years old
  • Debt on tax returns that were filed at least two years ago
  • Debt that has been assessed at least 240 days before the date of your bankruptcy filing
  • Debt that is not based on a fraudulent tax return

Hendricks County Tax Debt Lawyers Serving Indianapolis and Surrounding Communities

Two significant advantages of filing for bankruptcy to provide relief on your tax debt include:

  • The automatic stay included as part of your approved petition. It applies to tax debt the same as it applies to debt from all other creditors.
  • Bankruptcy may allow you to pay significantly less money on your overdue taxes than you would have had you tried to work out a debt settlement agreement on your own.

Our legal team works diligently to pursue the resolution that fits your interests, and we help you fully evaluate:

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Contact us today to discover how our efficient, personalized counsel can help you achieve tax relief and settle tax debts. Our Marion County tax problems lawyers can protect your rights and pursue your best interests in negotiations with the IRS and/or the state of Indiana.

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