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Higher education costs have increased incrementally over the past several decades, and a tight job market has made repayment of student loans a serious problem for many.

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While student loans may be unsecured, in the sense that no real property is attached to them, the law does not treat them like credit card debt. The relationship between personal bankruptcy and student loans is complex, in that discharge of these debts in bankruptcy is not generally allowed — but it is possible through presentation of a hardship case.

At Redman Ludwig, P.C., we are prepared to analyze your financial situation and present a clear picture of what we believe bankruptcy can accomplish for you — and whether other solutions are practical.

For many clients struggling with student loans and a moderate income, elimination of all credit card debts through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can relieve budget pressure and enable them to catch up. Higher-income individuals with property to protect or other non-dischargeable debts can often get relief through a Chapter 13 filing and debt repayment plan.

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Student loans may be your primary financial problem or one of many, and you do not have to deal with this stressful situation alone. For a free telephone consultation with an experienced attorney ready to help, please contact our Indianapolis law office today.

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