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When a business is facing financial crisis, it is critical to analyze the causes of the hardship and whether structural and operational changes can return the business to profitability — or if market conditions indicate it is best to shut down and move on.

Many personal bankruptcy lawyers lack a strong understanding of debt relief and reorganization options for business as well as individuals such as real estate professionals. Some firms have begun offering these services during the recent economic recession, but Redman Ludwig, P.C., has been doing so for decades. Led by attorney Eric Collins Redman, our firm is a proven resource for business owners facing tough decisions about their futures.

Struggling With Business Debt?

Most small to mid-market companies have a mix of secured and unsecured debt, substantial tax obligations and fluctuating cash flow. The loss of important accounts or a longer-term economic downturn can result in considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy that may enable you to:

  • Complete a business reorganization intended to restore your company to profitability
  • Restructure business, taxes and other secured debts for payment over time, with the potential to modify burdensome leases and loans
  • Get protection from creditor actions against you, so you can focus on business operations

Insightful Analysis and Guidance to Make Pivotal Financial Decisions

We can answer all your business bankruptcy questions and handle all aspects of either business or individual professional filings such as:

Whether you are facing an immediate threat — such as an eviction, equipment repossession or creditor lawsuit — or you want to plan for the future, please contact our Indianapolis business bankruptcy attorneys online or call 317-800-6181 or toll free at 866-660-6928.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.