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Bankruptcy for the Elderly

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The aging in our communities are far from immune to financial setbacks and debt problems. In fact, personal bankruptcy for senior citizens and retirees has been on the increase for well over a decade. Many people who believed they could get by on Social Security payments and savings have amassed a severe debt load due to factors such as the rising costs of food and fuel, crippling medical and prescription drug costs, declining home values and the desire to help children and other relatives dealing with financial adversity.

At Redman Ludwig, P.C., in Indianapolis, our dedicated attorneys can help you make sound financial decisions that can right your ship and ease the pressure. If you are paying credit card companies too much of your disposable income or have other debt-related problems, you can count on us for personal, efficient representation.

Patient, Clear Legal Guidance for People Struggling With Debt

We strive to take the intimidation factor out of seeking debt relief by answering all our clients' questions and clearly spelling out the benefits, obligations and risks of various approaches. We have handled thousands of bankruptcy filings for people across the cultural and economic spectrum, and we are prepared to execute a practical, affordable solution for you.

Solutions for Debt Relief and Protection of Property

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a proven, dependable and absolutely legal way to obtain a discharge or "forgiveness" of most or all unsecured debts — such as credit card balances and medical bills. If you qualify, filing for this form of protection stops creditor harassment immediately and can give you the flexibility you need to pay other bills and live more comfortably again.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the right path for you if your goal includes saving your home from foreclosure or protecting other property.

Leveraging decades of experience, we will hear you out and take a hard, practical look at your options for eliminating debt and protecting assets you wish to keep. You will have a proven guide for your decision-making process and through every phase of your effort to regain control of your finances.

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