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Do You Need Debt Relief and Time to Return to Profitability?

Keeping a business running profitably is among the toughest challenges in modern life. Many smart, ambitious people devote their energies to starting and building a company, only to run into hard times that put that enterprise's sustainability into serious question. When this happens, there are important legal options to consider, including Chapter 11 "business reorganization" bankruptcy.

Developing and Executing Solutions to Keep You in Business

Whether driven by creditor pressures, back taxes, a revenue slowdown or other factors, your critical choice at this point is likely between liquidation of your business and development of a strategic plan to return to profitability. If your business is worth saving, our lawyers will work with you to show the bankruptcy courts exactly that, developing a feasible repayment plan designed to win trustee approval and allow you to return your focus to running your business.

We are prepared to respond to all your questions about business bankruptcy and the alternatives. Important benefits of a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy can include:

  • Ability to pay off unsecured and secured business debts out of future profits, without the constant threat of lawsuits, repossessions, eviction or other creditor actions
  • A structured plan enabling you to repay secured debts such as equipment loans and priority debts such as IRS and state tax obligations over a time period up to five years
  • Potential opportunities to renegotiate real estate leases and other agreements that put an undue burden on your business and to restructure some loans based on the actual, current market value of financed assets

Business-Savvy Attorneys Who Know Your Legal Options

Our Indianapolis lawyers have many decades of experience analyzing business finances, contracts and plans in order to provide the soundest possible legal guidance. Business reorganization and bankruptcy solutions are a core part of our firm's practice — not a service we have added in response to tough economic times.

This is a pivotal time for you, and you need trustworthy legal insight. Take a positive step today by calling for a free telephone consultation with a business reorganization lawyer at our longstanding, respected law firm.

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