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Chapter 11 for Individuals

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is primarily a legal action to enable business reorganization, and we have employed it to help many Indiana business owners keep operating over the past several decades. Far less well known is that certain individuals who cannot qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can find a path to financial recovery via Chapter 11.

Chapter 11 may be available to overcome complex debt problems for high-income individuals. Led by veteran business bankruptcy attorney Eric Collins Redman in this practice area, the firm is adept at handling Chapter 11 cases for individuals.

Individuals Can Also File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Real estate owners and investors or other high-income individuals with extensive real estate holdings may find themselves "upside down" on multiple properties and in need of debt relief. Other people may accrue several hundred thousand dollars in unsecured debt they cannot repay. However, many of these people have too much income to qualify for Chapter 13.

Filing Chapter 11 gives you up to five years to reorganize your finances. This type of bankruptcy requires careful planning and development of a detailed plan. You may benefit from our strong negotiating skills and experience working with bankruptcy trustees and the courts.

Some bankruptcy law firms will tell you they cannot help if your income or debts are above a certain level. At Redman Ludwig, P.C., we provide a full range of legal options, including Chapter 11 for individuals and married couples. In addition, our lawyers often collaborate to ensure you receive the soundest possible counsel.

High Income, but Unmanageable Debt?

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