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Most people think of bankruptcy as a way to get out from under debt, but believe that it cannot be the answer for protecting valuable property and assets. This is a serious misconception.

At Redman Ludwig, P.C., in Indianapolis, many of the people we help come to us when they are facing home foreclosure, have been hit with a creditor lawsuit, or are considering draining critical, irreplaceable assets to service their debts. Our longstanding, collaborative team of lawyers has a firm grasp of all the available options for protecting assets in bankruptcy.

Maximizing Exemptions and Finding Creative Legal Solutions

Please do not assume that filing bankruptcy will require giving up all you have worked for and starting over from scratch. Important facts to consider include:

  • Many people focused on stopping home foreclosure find that a carefully planned, well-executed personal bankruptcy is the best, most dependable solution.
  • Federal and state of Indiana property exemptions allow most of our clients to keep equity in their homes, their cars and most household goods and other personal assets.
  • Pensions and ERISA-qualified retirement accounts such as 401(k) plans are fully protected under most circumstances — enabling filers to keep their full value, regardless of how much debt is discharged or reorganized.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy enables many business owners to keep operating and protect essential business assets while working to return to profitability.

Talk to Us About Foreclosure Defense and Debt Relief

Although we encourage pursuit of loan modifications and other non-bankruptcy solutions when available, we know that filing personal bankruptcy is often the most effective, dependable way to keep your home. If you qualify, you can benefit from an automatic stay that prevents a foreclosure action temporarily and gives you time to negotiate, catch up or take other action. We have handled numerous emergency filings for people with a rapidly approaching sheriff's sale or other cause for urgency.

We address all types of debt problems, your goals, bankruptcy timing and other issues honestly, with perspective gained from decades of experience. If you are seeking the best way to deal with a crisis or your ongoing financial struggles without giving up what is most important to you, request a free telephone consultation today.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.