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Bankruptcy & Business Litigation

Bankruptcy & Business Litigation

Will Business Bankruptcy Stop the Lawsuit Against You?

Are you being sued over nonpayment of a business debt, or as a result of some other business dispute? Many small and mid-sized companies can withstand a temporary slowdown, the loss of a key customer or two, and even short-term inability to pay creditors. However, the costs and time demands of defending against a lawsuit can push a business over the edge.

If you are wondering about legal options for stopping the lawsuit against you and either liquidating or reorganizing your business, we encourage you to contact us at Redman Ludwig, P.C. Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool for saving your business, protecting your personal finances and recovering overall stability, and we have decades of experience helping our clients achieve these goals.

Helping You Evaluate All Options and Make Sound Decisions

Once a creditor files a collection lawsuit or you are facing foreclosure, eviction or equipment repossession, it can be absolutely critical to seek balanced legal counsel. You need a lawyer who will focus on your interests and options. Although our attorneys have decades of experience handling business litigation, we primarily focus on helping our clients avoid the crippling fees and loss of focus that come with it, through solutions such as:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy for business owners who decide to shut down and move on, with emphasis on orderly liquidation of business assets and maximum safeguarding against future personal liability
  • Chapter 11 business reorganization bankruptcy, which may enable restructuring and modification of certain debts for payment over time

Targeting Outcomes That Preserve Your Assets and Your Future

A well-prepared business bankruptcy petition will stop most lawsuits against your company. In most cases, claims against you must be handled within the bankruptcy proceeding rather than a civil courtroom. You may gain opportunities to settle the matter favorably or pay your litigation adversary over time while remaining in control of your business.

We encourage you to bring your complex financial problems and concerns to our respected Indianapolis attorneys. We will hear you out, apply decades of experience helping businesses overcome debt problems and provide active, caring guidance throughout your case.

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